CBD ELEMENTS Cooling Peppermint – 500MG


Get results quickly with CBD Elements brand tinctures. Carefully hand crafted in Kentucky using responsibly grown organic hemp from America. Lab tested for quality and purity. All natural with no additives or preservatives. Broad spectrum. Product contains 0 THC.

  • 0 % THC
  • Natural steam distilled peppermint flavor
  • NO GMOs * NO Phthalates * NO Gluten
  • NO Silicones * NO Sulfates * NO Parabens
  • 30 ml. = 1 ounce

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Why Use CBD Elements Tinctures from Vapen CBD?

We’re excited to bring you the ELEMENTS line of Vapen CBD tinctures. They’re made using a pure extraction process from America’s finest organic hemp. Our commitment to bring you the highest quality CBD products means no GMOs or any harmful chemicals in any of our products.

The science behind ELEMENTS CBD tinctures

Most CBD tinctures suffer from two problems. First – the quality. Most products are produced using hemp or cannabis from third world countries covered in pesticides. There’s no consistency in supply or quality and product is produced in unregulated environments.

Really, who wants to deal with poor quality, toxic contamination and uncertain product consistency?

So Vapen CBD took the quality issue seriously. We dealt with it head on and we think we nailed it! Our scientists’ source organic raised product from environmentally-friendly producers and blend it with natural consumable oils for the perfect blend. The three-oil blend in ELEMENTS CBD tinctures creates a powerful, healthy, effective way of feeling better that you are sure to love!

The second problem with most CBD tinctures is purity. Specifically, how is the tincture produced and what is in it? We didn’t just walk down the product ingredient aisle and grab anything we saw to put into ELEMENTS CBD tinctures. We took advantage of the latest research on CBD and the human body, and carefully selected only the perfect ingredients. All hand-crafted using the industry’s purest production methods from our laboratories in Kentucky.

Our scientists did all the hard work so you don’t have to! And created a CBD tincture you can truly benefit from.

Now here’s the best part…

You can pronounce ALL the ingredients. We didn’t add binders, fillers, or any scientific ingredients to ELEMENTS CBD tinctures. Just all-natural ingredients made for human consumption. Real CBD. Real ingredients. Because you deserve only the best.

Additional information

How to Use

There are several ways you can enjoy the health benefits of ELEMENTS CBD tinctures from Vapen CBD: 1. Place a dose of the tincture under your tongue and hold it there for at least one minute to allow it to absorb. Swallow the rest. This is the fastest way to get the benefits of the tincture. 2. Add it to food. Soups and salad dressings are ideal. 3. Add it to beverages. Many people add their tincture dose to their smoothies, coffee or tea.




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